New Construction:

Whether you live locally or out of town, we are able to assist you every step of the way through your building process.  We have built for a countless number of people over the years and are capable of helping our clients get the home of their dreams.

Stages of Construction:

– Starting to pick a design:  Ronald Curtis Builders begins every new home by learning what the client is looking for in a house.  This includes style, needs, size, and price.  Clients are encouraged to stay involved during all phases of construction.  This ensures that there will be no surprises and that our clients are happy once the home is completed.  After the preliminary details are discussed, we make sure the desired plan will fit on the clients lot or one of the lots we may have in inventory.  If not we will see what is necessary to make this happen.

– Land Acquisition:  Our office is here to assist you in acquiring the best lot possible for the custom home you want to build with us.  We do this by visiting the proposed lot with our clients to give them an idea of what type of home will fit on the lot based on their needs and the development’s requirements.  As part of our turn-key process, we will meet with all review and approval boards of the development for our clients.  We help you pick the best lot necessary for a design with a basement or on a flat lot with a more traditional design as well.  Whether you have a lot already or need assistance in helping you decide on one, we are here to help you in your decision.  We will help locate the house on the lot in a manner to get the greatest curb appeal.

– Starting the design:  The first step during this stage is to do a preliminary floor plan which can be refined to suit clients needs or preferences.  After that, the outside details such as front and rear elevations are decided to achieve the look desired.  We are able to advise each client with this process keeping in consideration the requirements and standards that each subdivision has.  We assist our clients in selecting their exterior elements such as brick, shingles, and paint color that would look the best for their style home.

– Contracts and Approvals:  We partner with our clients to decide on the best building contract needed to suite their budget requirements.  Our office can either do a fixed contract, cost plus, or fixed fee.  All during the building process, we keep our client informed on how they are doing within their budget by discussing all credits and extras to date.  We insure that the client is well aware of the cost from beginning to end.

– Construction:  After all required building permits and approvals are taken care of and contract and specifications of the home are approved, the lot is cleared.  The foundation is poured and the house begins to be framed.  The builder personally supervises all his construction projects to insure that they are done correctly and meet their client’s plans and specifications.  During this period, our office will assist you in selecting a variety of items such as appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, tile, and lighting fixtures.

We walk through with our client to identify light, receptacle, appliance, and switch locations.  Plumbing, wiring, and ductwork are roughed in, tested, and inspected.  Next, the home is insulated and sheetrock installed.  At the same time, the exterior of the home takes shape.  All tile work, plumbing fixtures, lights and switches, carpet and hardwood flooring are installed.  Continued interior work is performed such as custom trim, built-ins, special moldings and any other custom interior design requested.  The painting is completed, then on to your landscaping and driveway to finish your project.  Here at Ronald Curtis Builders, we are a complete turn-key operation.  We do not hand over the keys to your new custom built home unless you are satisfied with the finished product.


Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing one, Ronald Curtis Builders uses the same approach to building.  We listen to our clients’ needs in their remodeling project to achieve what best suits their needs.  Our office along with the supporting staff will assist clients in their selection process of materials as well as appearance of their finished remodeled home.

We use the same materials that match the existing home and the same subcontractors that we would use on a new custom home.  By our hard work and dedication, we are able to deliver a finished remodeled home within the projected time and most important: a home that doesn’t look like it was remodeled, but blends in with the existing house.